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Lifestyle Impact

Lifestyle choices -
Making exercise, diet, self care choices that work for you!

Cure Fibromyalgia through lifestyle choices: exercise, diet, and self-care. 

Discover how your Fibromyalgia symptoms increase or decrease based on the lifestyle choices you make. 

Lifestyle choices, such as exercise, diet, self-care, meditation, if made consciously, and well, can decrease the symptoms of fibromylagia. In making decisions regarding how we live our lives, it is important to look at the impact of those choices, in terms of how our symptoms respond to the way we live.

How we choose to live involves all aspects of our lives. The choices we make daily, in terms of exercise, diet, relationships, and self-care, all have impact on our ability to heal.  Lifestyle choices are key.

With each and every decision we make, our bodies become healthier or an imbalance is created.  These imbalances can ultimately, over time, lead to symptoms and syndromes, such as Fibromyalgia.

We need to consider the following on our journey to wellness:



When and to what degree to you get out and move everyday?

It is important when incorporating exercise into your lifestylethat you begin slowly and build. 

We tend to want to jump in quickly,...thinking, the more the better! 

This is absolutely not true with individuals who are working toward curing Fibromyalgia. 

It did not take one week, or even one month, to create the experience of Fibromyaligia that is your life today.  And so, we cannot "undo it" quickly either.

Take your time.  Learn your limits and stay within those limits. Make lifestyle-choices that work for you.

Pick physical activity that you will enjoy. 

Start slowly, and build, as you see that your symptoms are not exacerbating. Although, be aware that 2 to 3 days after exercise or strenuous activity Fibromyalgia symptoms may increase.

You may decide to walk. 

The first week you may decide to walk to the end of the block everyday.  You find you can handle that, and then the next week increase the distance just a little.

The key is moderation and build stamina.  More is not necessarily better.  A slow build is more effective.



What we eat, what we put into our bodies has tremendous impact on our ability to stay well or to create wellness. It is a lifestyle-choice.

Food is a key component in our bodies ability to heal itself.

And, as such, we need to ensure that we are providing our bodies with the nutrition it needs to build blood, provide nutrients to build strong bones and restore healthy ligaments, tendons and muschles, all affected by the syndrome of Fibromyalgia.

Pesticides, additives, preservatives, processing all challenge our bodies ability to heal and reducing the nutrition that the foods provide.

Making the right choices in food, diet and nutrition, will make or break the ability of your body to heal itself.  It can only heal if you make the choices to help it along.



In addition to the care and guidance you are receiving from your healthcare provider, self-care should be included in your overall treatment plan, in your lifestyle-choices.

Diet, exercise and nutritional choices are all part of self-care, but there are so many other things that can, also, be done that will help facilitate the healing process. 

Some of them include –

* meditation

* tai chi

* soaking baths

* aromatherapy

* self-massage

Sitting back and relying on others to facilitate you healing is an approach that is ineffective.  Only you know your body.  Only you know what works for you, in terms of treatment and self-care.  Only you know, in your heart of hearts, what your lifestyle is like and how those choices that you make or choose not to make affect the symtoms of Fibromyalgia that you now live with.

Take the first step to making lifestyle choices that work for you - not against you.



Be honest with yourself.

* What are you doing to restore your life and your body to wellness?

* Are you making choices that are unhealthy, or not in your best  interest?

The time has come to take the time to sit and reflect on your lifestyle-choices.

Don't try to change everything at once.  Make one change at a time.  See how it works.  See if your symtoms change.

Know that it may take a week, or a month or longer to see results from your efforts.

You can do it!  And your body will be thankful that you did!

Go to the FREE Worksheets page, print them out and get started! 

The worksheets have been designed especially for you, to help begin to collect the information and data that will be a valuable assist in helping you to make solid, well-informed decisions that will help in creating your very own personal Fibromyalgia treatment plan.

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