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Treatment Options

Approaches to Fibromyalgia treatment
... which one is best for you?

Many individuals who are diagnosed and receive Fibromyalgia treatment receive that diagnosis from their primary care physician or their alternative medicine doctor.

Sometimes a friend might initiate the inquiry by saying, "You sound like you have what my aunt has. She had a lot of pain too. They call what she has Fibromyalgia." which leads the person to their doctor to get or confirm a diagnosis. 

Fibromyaligia, occasionally, can be misdiagnosed intially as rheumatoid arthrits, lupus, multiple sclerosis, as well as a variety of other diseases and conditions. 

This can happen, because there are similarities in the differential diagnosis, the symptoms tending to overlap between different diseases. Differential diagnosis can reveal that there may be a combination of conditions present or rule out the possibility of other health problems.

Diagnosis is generally confirmed by the allopathic physician through series of specific physical tests and palpation of 18 specific trigger points, interviewing for patient history and symptomology, and possibly blood, urine and other laboratory tests.


After diagnosis, the doctor will generally prescribe some medications, possibly physical therapy.  Other Fibromyalgia treatment recommendations may include exercise, getting sufficient sleep, and learning to deal with and find ways to cope with the symptoms that wreak havoc on your life and your relationships. 


Many times often allopathic doctors will prescribe:

* Medications

* Physical therapy

* Occupational therapy

* Counseling

* Sleep Clinic Analysis

* Referrals to specialists to rule out other diseases or underlying conditions


Those who went the naturopathic or alternative medicine route generally end up with many of the same diagnostic approaches, as well as others, such as hair analysis and allergy tests, ultimately ending up with recommendations for treatment as diverse as the symptoms of the syndrome.


Some of the prescribed Fibromyalgia treatment approaches may include:

 * Naturopathy

* Homeopathy

* Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

* Diet

* Vegetarian diet

* Massage

* Bodywork

* Energy work

* Counseling, Individual and Support Groups

* Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

* Detoxification of Heavy Metals

* Special diets for detoxification

* Candida Clearing

* Nutrition

* Colon Cleanse

* Supplements

* Herbs

* Exercise

* Meditation

* Tai Qi and Qigong

* Liniments, Plasters            

* Self Care



So, the question most patients ask are -

Which Fibromyalgia treatments are most effective? 

Which ones will work for me? 

How long will it take before I begin to feel better and my aches and pains and symptoms will decrease?

The answer to the questions is not simple. 

It takes time, patience and a clear, logical approach and analysis. 

What many Fibromyalgia patients do is jump in wildly, in such desperation to restore their health, that they try too many Fibromyalgia treatment approaches at once.  And as a result, they are unable to determine which ones work and which don't. 

Jumping from one approach to another and to another adds to the frustration and hopelessness ultimately ensues. What many Fibromyalgia patients do is jump in wildly, in such desperation to restore their health, that they try too many Fibromyalgia treatment approaches at once.  And as a result, they are unable to determine which ones

Collecting and writing down that information will help you to track and compare, from week to week, what changes you are seeing and what progress you are making.

A number of worksheets have been developed that will support your Fibromyalgia treatment plan and assist you in:

* identifying your symptoms, severity and consistency

* tracking symptoms, when they change and identifying what catalysts increase or decrease your symptoms and when

* tracking the treatment(s) you are presently employing and the results your are getting 

* analyzing your lifestyle, stressors, joy-producers

* considering your diet choices

* looking at how your sleep habits affect your sleep pattern

* setting goals

* creating a mindset for healing, developing postive thinking and creating affirmations

Tools have been created specifically for your use, so that you can begin to see the patterns to your symptoms, identify what works and what doesn't, in terms of different treatment protocol, and begin to create a foundation of information that will assist you in creating your own empowering personal wellness plan.

Collecting this critical data should be your first treatment step, even if you have already, for some time, been working toward curing your Fibromyalgia.

Just as each person wears Fibromyalgia differently, each with their own triggers, stressors, symptom diversity and lifestyle  impact, some Fibromyaliga treatment approaches will be more effective for one person, while another will reap greater results from a different approach.

Healing from Fibromyalgia is not an easy task. 

You already know that. 

So, jump in! 

Go to the FREE Worksheets page, print them out and get started! 

The worksheets have been designed especially for you, to help begin to collect the information and data that will be a valuable assist in helping you to make solid, well-informed decisions that will help in creating your very own personal Fibromyalgia treatment plan.

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