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FREE Worksheets

FREE Worksheets

FREE Cure-Fibromyalgia.com worksheets help you decrease symptoms and restore health

These FREE cure Fibromyalgia worksheets will provide you the information you need to make good decisions regarding your health, self care, diet, sleep, exercise and much more.

The benefit of the FREE cure Fibromyalgia worksheets (links below) is that they assist you in looking at your lifestyle choices. They  assist you in making good decisions that are beneficial to your health.

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Do you remember everything you ate today?  Yesterday?  The day before?

Is your diet consistently working for you or against you?

Do you know what you did each day this past week and how your symptoms increased or decreased?

Is your sleep the best it can be?

What is keeping you from sleeping soundly and restoratively each and every night?

Are you consistently and consciously incorporating self care into your life? 

Is the self care you are doing helping or hurting?

Living with Fibromyalgia, the aches and pains, loss of sleep , brainfog, and all the other symptoms that make up the syndrome, can create confusion, challenge and frustration in our daily lives.

Jumping in and trying something new each time a new article is read, another website is searched or after talking with another person who, also, deals with the daily challenges of Fibromyalgia can lead to an inconsistent and ineffective wellness plan.

It is hard not to do. 

You become desperate to stop the pain.

You want to find that magic bullet that will finally make the aches and pains and other symptoms of Fibromyalgia go away!

The truth is, there is NO magic bullet.

There is, only, finding the right self care and treatment plan approaches that define the pieces to YOUR wellness puzzle and...

     ... finding those approaches that will restore you to health, to a full life filled with joy and wellness.

The FREE cure Fibromyalgia worksheets have been created for you to help you begin, or continue, your journey of exploration on your way to restored health.

You will have the information, in your hands, after completing the FREE cure Fibromyalgia worksheets, that you will need, in order to identify the whats and hows.

What you are doing and how it is impacting your life, your symptoms, your ability to heal?

These FREE cure Fibromyalgia worksheets can be very revealing if you use them well and regularly.

As you begin to look at each of the the FREE cure Fibromyalgia worksheets, you will identify areas in which you can -

     * make changes to your diet

     * select exercise that decreases your pain, not increase it

     * identify ways that you can reduce insomnia and sleep interruptions

     * track your efforts at self care and determine which are helpful and which are not

         ... and much more.

Don't try to do all the worksheets at one time.

Start with one and then overtime add another.

You don't want to become overwhelmed and give up.

One step at a time. 

Let that be your mantra as you go on your healing journey.

One step at a time!



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Self Care Worksheet

I want to begin to track and monitor what I am doing to take care of myself and see - Is it working?

Symptom Tracking Worksheet

I want to understand the ebb and flow of my symptoms, why and when they come and go.  This worksheet will help with that.

...what to look for when looking at the information you have collected.

Treatment Tracking Worksheet

I want to follow my treatments to see what I am doing, what prescriptions I am taking, which healthcare provider is telling me to what...and how that is working for me!

Exercise Tracking Worksheet 

I am doing a variety of different exercises throughout the week.  I want to know just how much I am doing and how it affects the symptoms of Fibromyalgia that I am experiencing.

Sleep Diary and Habit Worksheet

I know that sleep or lack of sleep affects to a great degree th symptoms of Fibromyalgia.  I want to identify what my nightime habits are and begin to make changes that will help me fall asleep easier, stay asleep and feel more rested in the morning.

Diet Diary

I know that diet and nutrition are key elements of having a healthy body and emotions.  But it is hard to know exactly what I have eaten and drank everyday this week. If I know what I put into my system, then I can make some changes that can positively affect my health. 

Diet Survey

I want to eat healthy.  I want to eat food and drink beverages that are not harmful.  Am I eating a lot of foods that increase my symptoms?  Am I eating foods that are common allergens?  What are my beliefs around the foods I eat and my health?  I need to understand what I believe and how those beliefs affect my health.

All of these tools have been provided for your use and for your benefit.

They can help you to see how your lifestyle choices related to diet , nutrition, exercise, sleep habits, treatment choices,  self care, personal relations with yourself and others

     ... how they all positively, or negatively, impact your life. 

     ... how those choices can race you toward wellness or hold you back in a life without health.

Make wellness your choice!


Symptom Tracking Worksheet

Self Care Planning Worksheet

Sleep Diary Worksheet

Daily Gratitude Journal Worksheet

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A Special Gift for You!

Download this 8 1/2' X 11" poster to remind you daily that you are on your path to creating wellness! 

Hang on your refrigerator, in your office cube or on your bathroom mirror. 

Or print out smaller and keep in your wallet as a reminder.

Daily affirmations help to keep you focused on your journey to restored health and re-affirm that you too can be Fibromyalgia Free!

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