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Freedom from Fibromyalgia

Critical social, psychological and spiritual considerations when healing from Fibromyalgia


Debra R. Zulawski M.Ac.




Are you having trouble healing from Fibromyalgia? 

Have you tried everything and you just aren’t getting any better? 

Or maybe you are making progress, but still are having occasional flare-ups of symptoms?

This audio book, Freedom from Fibromyalgia, takes  you beyond looking for the one pill, that elusive cure, to a place where total healing can emerge. 

The author, Debra R. Zulawski LAc., LMP, suffered with fibromyalgia for over 10 years and was severely impacted by this debilitating condition.  As she healed from Fibromyalgia, she went on to become a healthcare practitioner, working with others suffering from this syndrome and has written this book so that others can benefit directly from her healing experience.

Through her own personal healing, (now well over a decade Fibromyalgia Free!), and by working with others on their journey to wellness, she identified a number of critical social, psychological and spiritual aspects that  if not addressed, can limit and restrict you from moving forward on your road to restored wellness.

She shares with you, in this audio book, critical social, psychological and spiritual considerations that can take you from a life of pain and desperation to one of renewed health.

The author believes, through personal experience, that a holistic approach to healing is necessary for total wellness to occur.

What's inside?

There are 16 individual tracks that can be downloaded to your iPod or mp3 player for listening while on the go or plug into your laptop.  They are in mp3 format and the chapters range from 1min 33 seconds to 22 minutes in duration. 

  • Introduction
  • The Endless Quest
  • Stuck In A Box
  • Stress Matters
  • Hold Me Up
  • What’s Necessary
  • Creating Through Thought  (LISTEN - CLICK LINK ABOVE!)
  • Make The Move
  •  The Really Tough Questions
  •  Action Plan for Success
  •  Labels Stick
  • Empowerment Now
  • And Finally . . . Give And Receive
  • About the Author

NOTE:  Worksheets are mentioned throughout the audio book.  These can be downloaded from this site.  Go to the FREE Worksheets page and download those worksheets.  The download links are at the bottom of the FREE Worksheets page.

If you are wanting to move from a life focused on Fibromyalgia to a life of intentional wellness, then this book is for you!

Audio Book
Freedom From Fibromyalgia

FREE worksheets


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