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Cure Fibromyalgia
Yes You Can! 

This site was created by a healthcare practitioner who cured herself of fibromyalgia after 10 years of debilitating pain. She shares the secrets to success; symptoms, treatments, diet, exercise, self reflection, empowering action plan that moved her from disabled to fully functional.


This site includes:

v information on the myriad of symptoms that make up this syndrome

v  treatment options

v  lifestyle considerations 

In addition to that, you will find...

v  physical, psychological and spiritual exercises and considerations

v  FREE worksheets

v resources, including books, videos

v  an ebook that shares valuable insights into curing fibromyalgia

v  how a diet can help and hinder you in your quest for wellness

v  carefully selected wellness products that will make life easier, more comfortable, to include in your daily healing regimine

v information on exercises that are beneficial for fibromyalgia

v  helpful hints on how to improve your sleep, a major problem with fibromalgia patients

v  a helpful newsletter that will provide you will new insights and notification of new content

v  my story from initial symptoms to diagnosis, finally restoring wellness and my life

v  useful information that will assist you in developing an empowering action plan designed specifically for your healing

… and much, much more!

The information will start you on your journey to renewed health and freedom from the chronic pain symptoms that you carry with you everyday.

And all this is written in easy to read, conversational style...like sitting in your kitchen and having conversation with a friend.

How many times have you heard,

"You have Fibromyalgia.  You will just have to learn how to live with it and manage it. Yes, I understand that you have chronic pain and that you aren't able to walk across the room, you have insomnia and feel hopeless. We really can't do much more about that than we already have been doing. I can give you a different prescription to try that might help, but there's no guarantee it will work.  We can try. That's all that there is left to do." 

Or, worse yet..."You don't LOOK sick."

No wonder there is depression associated with this syndrome.  Few seem to be able to help and many just don't understand.

Worse yet you are not believed, are discounted, or told just to deal with it, which can lead to feelings of anger, frustration and a sense of hopelessness.

By turning that anger and frustration into a positive energy, you can become empowered to create your own healing journey that can move you from a pain-filled existence to a highly active, joy-filled life.

I will, also, share with you my journey to wellness, my experiences in working with patients, diet choices, exercise considerations and treatment approaches that worked and did not work for me personally. And, finally, I will share the ultimate changes that I made that gave me my life back.     

Now it's YOUR TURN to become painfree!

Are you ready to begin your journey?



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Everett, WA, USA